City Council

The Woonsocket City Council is committed to serving the citizens of Woonsocket by providing an effective and efficient government that improves quality of life for our residents, advocates for the growth and success of our businesses, and values the importance of our taxpayers.

Staff Contacts

Christina Harmon-Duarte 

Board Members

Daniel M. Gendron


87 Arland Court(401) 769-4458
Jon Brien

Vice President

200 Woodland Road

(401) 597-5565
Christopher Beauchamp 

37 Meadow Road

(401) 356-4940
James Cournoyer 

183 Glen Road

(401) 767-5596

Richard Fagnant


88 Coe Street

(401) 595-8649

Melissa Murray 

268 Prospect Street

(401) 327-0615

Denise Sierra 

292 Gaskill Street

(401) 769-6474