Adopt at our shelter!


  • There is a $15 first day and $10 every other day boarding fee for any stray cat or dog. The cat or dog owner is subject to pay the fee at the animal shelter. 
  • You may be subjected to a citation for unlicensed, unvaccinated cat or dog.
  • Upon arrival any stray cat or dog will be held for 5 days before going up for adoption.


  • Any cat or dog that bites/scratches (draws blood) another domestic animal or a person and is past due for vaccines is required to do a 10 day in pound quarantine. Subject to additional fine for dog bite. 
  • In order to retrieve your pet on the 10th day you must bring with you; license, $105 cash or money order and a copy of a pre-paid receipt for the rabies vaccine appointment. Resease of the animal by law. 
  • Any cat or dog current on vaccines may do an at home quarantine for 10 days. Determination will be made on a case by case basis.

Any cat or dog that bites or gets bitten by a rabies vector species and is past due on rabies vaccine must be quarantined for 4-6 months. The boarding fee will be expected weekly and there will be no contact. Having the proper vaccine status or the test results of the wild animal can effect the length of the quarantine.

State of Rhode Island General Laws:

Title 4: Animals and Animal Husbandry