Baseball / Softball Fields

Renaud Field: Home of the Middle School and High School Teams

Hartnett Field: Alysworth Avenue

Baldelli Field: Inside Cold Spring Park.  Home of Girls Softball and the Senior "Field of Dreams" League

Godin Field: Inside Cold Spring Park

Clem Labine Field: Inside Bernon Park.  Home of the Adult Co-ed Softball League.  For information on how to join the league, contact the Superintendents office and they will direct you to the proper contact at that time.

Cahill: Inside Bernon Park

Dupree Field: Inside Cass Park

Dunn Field: Inside Dunn Park

Costa Field: Inside Costa Park

Lajoie Field: Inside the newly renovated WWII Memorial Park

Menard FIeld: Priviledge St.  Home of Girls Middle School Softball