Bureau of Criminal Identification

Detective LieuLieutenant Christopher Brooks

Woonsocket Police Lieutenant's badgeDetective Lieutenant Christopher Brooks
Contact Number (401) 767-8858

The Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) of the Woonsocket Police is responsible for the forensic processing of crime scenes and evidence seized during criminal investigations.  With new technology and training the BCI Division has been able to obtain evidence that would have been highly improbable just a few years ago.  Detectives in this division are responsible for many crimes being solved. 

The BCI Division conducts criminal background checks (City Residents Only) for employment in the areas of foster parenting, adoption, teaching and nursing.  The division fingerprints the applicants and forwards the prints to the FBI for processing.  The division also conducts the background checks for persons who are applying for chauffer licenses, private investigator licenses and the purchasing firearms. 

The Sex Offender Registry also falls under the supervision of the BCI Division.  The division registers sexual offenders and works with local, state and federal agencies in the tracking and monitoring of these offenders.   The division updates the location of Level II and Level III offenders on the Woonsocket Police website for public notification. 

Record keeping is an additional responsibility for the BCI Division.  Record requests are made in accordance with the Access to Public Records Act which allows a public body ten (10) business days to respond and, with “good cause,” may extend the time to respond to thirty (30) days.  If after review of the request, the Department determines that the requested records are exempt from disclosure for a reason set forth in R.I.G.L. 38-2-2(4)(i)(A) through (Y) , the Department reserves the right to claim such exemption.  Defendants in a case must follow the discovery request process to obtain copies of their reports. The division also updates and maintains all BCI cards and fingerprint cards.  

Record Requests* - A log book is in the station lobby to make record requests. 

Fingerprint Background Checks* by Appointment Only on Tuesday & Thursdays
(*fees may apply)

Sex Offender Registrations are held Tuesday & Thursdays (9am-12pm & 4pm-6:30pm)

Any questions should be referred to the BCI Personnel at 401-767-8823