Operations Division

Support Services
Lt. Cunanan

Woonsocket Police Captain's BadgeCaptain Edward Cunanan
Operations Commander
Contact Number (401) 767-8834

The overarching function of the Operations Division is to provide Woonsocket Police Officers with the tools and resources needed to provide safe and efficient police service to the Citizens of Woonsocket.

Some of the tasks and responsibilities that fall within the Operations Division include: Professional Standards, Training, Recruiting, Fleet Services, Building Maintenance and Security, Communications, Grant Management and Evidence


Lieutenant Norman Galipeau is the head of Professional Standards

The Woonsocket Police Department is committed to fair and impartial policing with transparency and accountability. Lieutenant Galipeau is charged with ensuring that the actions of our officers are in accordance with Department Policies and Procedures, as well as all applicable Federal law, State, and Local Laws. (see “Professional Standards” link)

Lt Galipeau - (401) 762-6104


Spearheaded by Lt. Galipeau, in 2016 the Woonsocket Police Department achieved accreditation through the Rhode Island Police Accreditation Commission (RIPAC). An expert in the field, Lt Galipeau is responsible for ensuring that the accreditation standards are being met--a continuous process of evaluation and inspection.


The Training Division is headed by Lieutenant Marc Cabral.

The primary mission of the Training Division is to provide police personnel with up-to-date training in police practices, such as: survival tactics, policing strategies, substantive and procedural law, and policies and procedures, to name only a few. Lt. Cabral is also responsible for evaluating and ordering new equipment, and issuing officers' uniforms.

Lt. Cabral also oversees the Department’s Field Training Program. Every graduate of the RI Municipal Police Training Academy must successfully pass a 12-week Field Training Program. The purpose of the FTO Program is to build upon skills and training obtained at the Academy and to provide supervised “real-life” evaluations of new officers.

Lt Cabral (401) 597-5605


The Property / Evidence Room is managed by Officer Maureen Andreoni.

All property and evidence found, seized, or turned in at the front desk, is documented and secured in the property room until evidentiary value is exhausted and its final disposition is determined by due process, court order, or state statute. Property with no evidentiary value is returned to its proper owner without delay.

Officer Andreoni (401) 767-8838


The Department’s fleet manager and mechanic is Mr. George Lahousse. Mr. Lahousse does a great job in keeping our fleet of patrol, detective, and undercover police vehicles in peak operating condition. Additionally, Mr. Lahousse is an invaluable “jack-of-all-trades” that is counted on to take care of various mechanical issues within the building.


Mr. Denis Lapierre is the department's custodian. Mr. Lapierre maintains the building’s cleanliness, inside and out. With a building that serves more than 100 officers and civilians in a 24-hour operation, this is no small task.  


A very important function of the Operations Division is applying for and managing many Federal and State grants that provide vital funding toward the Department’s mission to serve and protect the citizens of Woonsocket. Some of the initiatives that are enabled through Grant funding include: Community Policing events, Explorers Post, Citizen’s Police Academy, proactive patrol, bicycle patrol, Spanish language learning programs, officer wellness and safety programs, ammunition, bullet-proof vests, and school resource officers.