Winter parking ordinance and parking ban permit program reminder

Winter parking ordinance and parking ban permit program reminder
Woonsocket, RI: The City of Woonsocket reminds residents that during the winter season, December 1 through April 1, parking ban restrictions will periodically be placed on city streets in the event of significant snowfall. In accordance with city ordinance, restrictions on parking along primary streets in the city will be restricted while a parking ban is in effect. A summary of the City ordinance is as follows:
The City Council has implemented a “Winter Parking Ban” period from December 1 to April 1 for parking on all primary city streets under the following conditions:
a.     Upon accumulation of 2 or more inches of snowfall.
b.     Weather service forecasts of inclement weather that will result in an accumulation of 2 or more inches of snowfall.
C.     Upon determination by the Public Safety Director or his designee.
Local media will be notified as soon as is feasible of enforcement of a snow ban by the Department of Public Works or the Department of Public Safety. Points of contact in those departments are: Steven P. D’Agostino, Director of Public Works (401) 767-9209 & Eugene Jalette, Public Safety Director (401) 766-1212. A map and list of primary streets can be found on the City’s website here:
Under existing law, once 2 inches of snow has fallen on primary streets, designated by blue/white signs, an automatic snow ban is in effect. No further notice is required, or should be anticipated. Fines of $50.00 and removal of vehicles (including costs of tow and storage) deemed to be an obstruction to snow removal operations will be enforced.
The Public Safety Director or his designee may extend parking bans to all city streets upon notice if significant snowfall in his discretion merits such action. Notice shall given to the City Clerk and local print, radio, and TV media.
The City’s Snow Ban Parking Permit Program is available to all residents. Permits authorizing residents to park their vehicles in lots at City parks during a parking ban may be purchased for $25.00 at the Department of Public Works at Woonsocket City Hall. Only those vehicles with a valid permit are authorized to park at the following locations during a parking ban:
Area outside soccer fields at Davison Avenue 
Bernon Park (located at 145 Kermit Street)
Bouley Field (located behind 450 Social Street)
Dionne Track (located at 366 Cumberland Hill Road)
Dunn Park (located at 79 Asylum Street)
Menard Field (located at 228 Privilege Street)
River Island Park (located across from 100 Bernon Street)
Allen Street (behind Coffee Connection)
Questions regarding the purchase of a snow ban parking permit can be directed to the Department of Public Works at (401) 767-9213.