Fees for Pretreatment

Fiscal Year 2017

As of July 1, 2016, the following are the fees for Pretreatment.

Permit ApplicationNo Charge
Permit Fee Category 1$4,429.00
Permit Fee Category 2$3,907.00
Permit Fee Category 3$2,020.00
Permit Fee Category 4$514.00
Permit Fee Category 8$5,257.00
Surcharge for TSS rate per pound$0.120
Surcharge for BOD rate per pound$0.126
Surcharge for COD rate per pound$.064
Septic books$863.00 (Includes $100.00 RIDEM Fee)
Restaurant A (1-25) (3 Years Permit)$161.00
Restaurant B (26-50) (3 Years Permit)$256.00
Restaurant C (51-100) (3 Years Permit)$320.00
Restaurant D (101-125/50%+ Takeout) (3 Years Permit)$481.00
Restaurant E (126+) (3 Years Permit)$561.00