Operations Division

Captain Adam Remick
Captain Adam Remick

Welcome to the Operations Division webpage.  The Operations Division, also know as the Support or Administrative Division, is a lesser known Division than either Detectives or Uniform, however no less important.  As the Officer-In-Charge of the Operations, I oversee many support functions that, not only increases department programs and efficiencies, but ultimately help provide the best police service to the community. Some of the functions overseen by my division are: Internal Affairs; Training; Evidence; SWAT; Honor Guard; Recruitment; Fleet Services; Radio Repair; Building Maintenance; Police Grants Management.

Within the division is Internal Affairs, lead by Lieutenant Ed Cunanan.  Lt. Cunanan polices the police, to ensure all police personnel act within the scope of their official capacity, in accordance with Federal, State and local laws, statutes, ordinances, Department Rules and Regulations, and Policies and Procedures.  Lt. Cunanan investigates all complaints, generated internally or externally, of police misconduct or breach of duty.  However, it’s not all doom and gloom for Lt. Cunanan, he also maintains records of commendations and thank you letters of officers doing their duties well, professionally, and going “beyond the call of duty”.

The Training Division, headed by Lieutenant Norm Galipeau, is primarily charged with keeping all police personnel trained in current and new policing strategies, criminal and case law, policies and procedures. Lt. Scully is also responsible for issuing officers' uniforms, equipment, and acts as a liaison with the RI Municipal Police Academy regarding new recruit training.

The Property / Evidence Room, managed by Officer Maureen Andreoni falls within the Operations Division. All property and evidence, either found, seized, or turned it at the front desk, is documented and secured in the property room until its final disposition and evidentiary value is exhausted, by due process, court order, or state statute. Property with no evidentiary value is returned to its proper owner without delay.

A civilian staff member of the division is our police fleet mechanic and manager, George Lahousse. Mr. Lahousse does a superb job of keeping our fleet of patrol, detective, and undercover police vehicles in peak operating condition.

Mr. Denis Lapiere, the department's custodian, maintains the buildings' cleanliness both inside and out. A difficult and never ending cleaning cycle for a building that is a 24 hour a day operation. 

Additionally, the Operations Division applies for and manages various Federal and State grants that assist in our law enforcement efforts, conducts police hiring recruitment drives, processes Officers Injured on Duty claims, processes police-vehicle involved accident insurance claims, and handles various communications with all agencies and entities involved in the administration of department activities.


Captain Adam Remick
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