The City of Woonsocket has a historic downtown that abuts the majestic Blackstone River. Once known as the Queen Jewel of the Blackstone, numerous buildings of architectural excellence were constructed such as the Stadium Theater and Conservatory, the Rhode Island Hospital Trust Building, the Longley Building, and River Falls. 

Downtown Overlay

To incentive development in the Downtown, the City of Woonsocket has created a Downtown Overlay. The Downtown Overlay was established to regulate the development and use of land, buildings, improvements and facilities in the Main Street area; allow additional permitted uses that encourage further growth and concentration of art, cultural and entertainment attractions; promote the use of vacant and underutilized properties; and encourage a walkable vibrant environment.

Key benefits include:

  • A reduction from 2 to 1 parking spaces per residential unit
  • No required commercial parking
  • outdoor cafe seating
  • interim uses such as pop-up retail, and
  • live/work units

Development Opportunities




2 M

194 Main Street (Longley Building)


  • $850,000
  • 34,000+ square feet
  • 4 stories
  • 2 parking lots

Contact: John Eno





2 Monument Square


  • In front of Stadium Theatre
  • $849,900
  • 7,946 square feet
  • 2 stories
  • 30 parking spaces
  • Adjacent municipal parking lot






Hospital Trust

53 Main Street


  • Former restaurant and bar
  • Adjacent municipal parking
  • Space for outdoor patio


162 Main Street (Hospital Trust Building)


  • $1,100,000
  • 46,426 square feet
  • 5 stories


Active and Completed Developments 


15-17 Island Place


The Millrace District project is a mixed-use and mixed-income development of three historic mill buildings which will house a total of 70 units of affordable rental housing ‘live/work’ apartment units consisting of Studio/Efficiency units and One & Two bedrooms

located on the upper building floors once completed. 2 buildings will be located at 68 South Main Street (38 & 14 units) and1 at 15 Island Place (14 units). Expected completion date is scheduled for September 2025. Future commercial space to consist of

co-office, retail, and arts fabrication space will occupy the ground floor of all 3 buildings.