Employment Opportunities


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An Application for Employment must be submitted by anyone interested in applying for a posted position with the City of Woonsocket. 


Application Deadline:  June 22, 2018

The City of Woonsocket is seeking applicants for Seasonal Laborers positions in the Department of Public Works.  All applicants must complete an application with the title "Seasonal Employment" in the "Position Applied For" line at the top of the first page.  Those applicants aged 16-17 years old must complete an "Intention to Employ a Minor" form with the Personnel Division, then attach a completed "Certificate of Age" form from the Department of Labor and Training to their application.  Students can end employment as needed to return to school.


 • The City of Woonsocket is an Equal Opportunity Employer •

* Candidates for clerical positions are required to be certified as 35 word per minute typists. Typing tests are offered at the Department of Employment and Training Job Service at no cost. Please call (401) 235-1201 for an appointment.

For employment opportunities with the School Department, please visit the School's Human Resources page.

In addition, job seekers can contact the State of Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training at www.dlt.state.ri.us and the Woonsocket office at www.networkri.org.