Human Services

The Director of Human Services maintains an "open door" policy for all residents seeking assistance. Residents will meet with the Director of Human Services to ascertain as quickly as possible if their situation is an emergency or a short/long term issue.  A determination of an emergency is a threat of immediate concern, life-altering loss or such loss that has happened in the recent short term. In emergency situations the Director will take responsibility for assisting in every way reasonably possible to stabilize the individual’s situation by soliciting the aid of local agencies that provide relevant services, including but not limited to other city departments, Fire and EMA officials, private non profits dedicated to social services, State of Rhode Island and Federal Agencies.  In situations short of an emergency the Director will gather as much information as possible and will be actively engaged until its resolution.

The Department of Human Services also assists residents of the City of Woonsocket with a Displaced Resident Program for emergency, fire and non-fire related displacements working in collaboration with EMA.  The American Red Cross will assist with fire related displacements for a short window of time, after that there is a gap for more permanent placement.  When crisis situations occur there is an interim plan of action as well as a longer more permanent solution for individuals. Funds are very limited in this program so each situation is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Linda S. Plays Director of Human Services (401) 767-9282