Tractor Supply Co. Opening on Diamond Hill Road

October 4, 2018

 Contact: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt
      ; (401) 767-9205


Tractor Supply Co. Opening on Diamond Hill Road

Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt announced today that Tractor Supply Co. will be opening a new store to be located at 1913 Diamond Hill Road.  Tractor Supply Co. is the source for pet food, clothing, tools, and fencing among many other things.  Tractor Supply Co. will be occupying space in the former Walmart building, which is now owned and used by Ocean State Job Lot. 


Mayor Baldelli-Hunt referenced the Tractor Supply Co. announcement as evidence of the beginning of the rebirth of the Diamond Hill Road retail area.  As stated by the Mayor, “Diamond Hill Road has experienced considerable dislocation over the past decade.  The troubles our retail sector has experienced are like those felt by numerous communities throughout the Nation.  The Tractor Supply Co. announcement provides continued evidence that the Diamond Hill Road retail area is being repopulated by retailers that offer staying power in the market.”  As explained by the Mayor, announcements like that of Tractor Supply Co. and Ocean State Job Lot, which occupied the former Walmart in March of this year, are successes that the City needs to leverage in its ongoing efforts to grow its economy and job base.