Homestead Exemption Applications Due by April 15, 2024

You may download this form and return, notarized, with a copy of your Rhode Island Driver's License and current Motor Vehicle Registration form.  If you do not own a motor vehicle, your identification form and copy of homeowner's insurance policy declaration page.  Forms, notaries and copy machine available at City Assessor's Office.

For application form click the highlighted word that follows:  website , or can be picked up at City Hall in the Assessor’s Office.

Our City Ordinance requires all Woonsocket homeowners who claim the Homestead Exemption to register their motor vehicle(s) at the homestead address. Homeowners who have not yet applied for the Homestead Exemption should submit their application to the Tax Assessor’s Office and with it, include the following documentation:

  • A copy of their motor vehicle registration AND one of the following:
  • A copy of their Rhode Island driver's license
  • OR proof of homeowner's insurance at that address
  • OR proof of automobile insurance.

For homeowners who do not own a vehicle, they must state so on the Homestead Exemption form in section 4 and instead include a copy of their voter registration card.

Please be advised that if you purchased your home mid-year, you may apply for the homestead exemption to have the current tax year bill adjusted pursuant to City Ordinance 17-O-04. Any homeowner may apply for an owner occupied real estate tax rate effective as of the date of the Homestead application for the current tax year. This exemption will be granted pro rata based upon the number of calendar days beginning with the application filing date through December 31st.  

Completed Homestead Exemption forms should be mailed to or delivered to the following address by January 31, 2024:

City Assessor's Office
169 Main Street, P.O. Box B
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Any questions regarding the reapplication process should be directed to the City Assessor's Office by e-mail or by phone: (401) 767-9271.