Permits & Process

Permits are required for use of the Athletic Facilities and to host Community Events.

Prior to filling out the Field Request Form for the Athletic Facilities or the Park Rental Form to host Community Events, parties should first contact the Parks & Recreation Director for availability.

Keep in mind that currently established ordinances must be followed: Smoking, Noise Pollution, Open Fires and/or Alcohol Consumption are all strictly prohibited, to name a few.

Guidelines on Hosting Events

Hosting/Organizing Public Events Requires City Approval:

Process involves first in Contacting the Woonsocket Parks & Recreation Department for availability, giving a description of the event and finding the best possible venue to hold your event.  Next, you fill out and return the Rental of Park Form (form available here) along with a Narrative fully describing the happenings of the entire event (see sample letter here) and the non-refundable administrative fee to the Director of Parks & Recreation.  Upon receiving all pieces, the Director signs off on the request and will then submit the request to the City Clerks Office for placement on the City Councils Docket.  Your request will be heard at the next meeting and you will be notified of council’s decision.  Balances, if any, must be paid prior to the event.

Requests must be submitted to the Director of Parks & Recreation no later than the Wednesday Prior to the Next City Council Meeting.  

Hosting/Organizing Private Gatherings Requires a General Use Permit:

This is for those small simple birthday parties and such.  It is always best to call the Parks & Recreation Department to see if someone has already decided to use the space you wanted.  The person with the permit holds the right to use that space.  Also, certain ideas you may have may or may not be feasible and we can help you decipher that for you.

Any League Play, whether Practice or Game, and/or “Pre-Organized Play” where you are intentionally or unintentional omitting the general public from playing with you, Requires a Permit from Parks & Recreation Department.  Fees may apply in rare cases.

Woonsocket Parks are Smoke-Free.